Fabulous Font Friday

Nov 14, 2019
Fabulous Font Friday

I can't help it. Its comes with the job. Everywhere I look I see typefaces. Whether its a book cover, Netflix title or poster I can't help spotting popular typefaces again and again. A quick look at the first page of Amazon's best selling books and I see Max Hastings using Times Roman, Tyson Fury using Arial Bold and the BOSH! cookbook in Rockwell. Once you start to spot your favorites you will be seeing them everywhere!

We often get calls from customers who want a bit of help with what font to choose. Our top three fonts of all time are:

1. Lucida Calligraphy

Overwhelmingly the most popular font by a long way. Easy to read, even when small but with the calligraphic slant making it less formal and easy on the eye. My favorite as well!

2. English Script

Also really popular and looks very light and elegent with its sweeping characters. Note however, doesn't look great when its used in all upper case and can be hard to read when small.

3. Clarendon

Bold and clear, classic and has lots of weight and gravitas. It's available in a standard weight and also a lightweight version which look great when used together, say with the name in standard and the message in light which makes the name really stand out.

Our engraving machine has a couple of hundred fonts loaded as standard and we also have everything thats available on our computer such as all of the fonts in Microsoft Words. I've also added a couple of cheeky movie fonts for some customers which were great fun - Top Gun anyone? Terminator?

If you have something in particular in mind just let us know, we are up for the challenge!






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