Engraving Process


Once you have browsed through our collection and selected your chosen flask, our engravers will place your personal message or design onto your flask using our diamond tipped engraving machine.

We love to work closely with our customers to create a product that you can be proud of. We are happy to discuss your ideas and offer our advice. We help you to start the story and you continue the adventure.

Text Engraving

Engraving a special message onto one of our products is an easy process and comes with great results.

We offer a number of different fonts on most items and we've tried to pick a good selection. However, we have a font library of many hundreds of fonts, and can probably engrave in any font if you're able to supply the font file.

If you have any specific engraving instructions, please let us know when you place your order. If no instructions are given, size and layout is left to the engraver's discretion.

Engraving costs vary depending on the item, please see individual items for more details.



Logo Engraving:

Customers must provide artwork to be engraved, we do not offer an artwork preparation service. For best results when engraving logos, artwork should follow these guidelines:

  • - black and white images, with white backgrounds

  • - clear, crisp lines with smooth edges

  • - no additional text (text included within a logo or clan crest is OK) - all text should be processed separately as 'Text Engraving'

  • - as large as possible (preferably greater than 500 pixels in height and width) - the image will be scaled down to fit appropriately on the item

  • - should be supplied as a .EPS (preferred), .JPG, or .TIF


Example Logo Engraving Images

If you need any more information, or to check if your logo is suitable for engraving, please contact us.


Engraving Library

Engraving Library

We have a huge selection of images and graphics which are already prepared for engraving in our Engraving Library.

From clan crests, to cats and dogs, to gothic symbols and lots more. If you're looking to add something extra to your engraving, browse our library.


Engraving Placement:

Our default understanding is that engraving goes on the front of the product unless it’s decorated. For tankards, this means when the handle on the right hand side when facing you. For quaichs, it goes on the bottom of the inside of the bowl. Does that all make sense? And remember we’ve seen hundreds of items engraved, so we know what looks good. If you want something different from this, contact us and we’ll be happy to talk about it.