Hip Flask Shapes

Hip Flask Shapes

Our extensive range of hip flasks come in many shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are:

Hip Flask or Kidney FlaskFlask Shapes - Hip Flask

Hip flasks are the most common shape of flask. They usually have squared corners and a curved body so that they sit better when worn on the hip. The most common size of hip flask is the 6oz flask, and they come in many different designs including leather bound flasks.


Pocket FlaskFlask Shapes - Pocket Flask

Pocket flasks are similar to hip flasks, but have more rounded corners and a flatter shape so that they slip in and out of a pocket with more ease. Pocket flasks usually come in 4oz or 6oz capacities and may feature decorative or Celtic patterns.


Top Pocket FlasksFlask Shapes - Top Pocket

Top pocket flasks are narrow versions of pocket flasks. The narrower design means that they usually carry a smaller capacity and are commonly 3oz flasks.



Round FlasksFlask Shapes - Round Flasks

Round flasks provide an alternative shape to the pocket or purse flask. They usually feature smooth corners to slip in and out of a pocket, and some have decorative patterns making them great looking purse flasks.


Purse FlaskFlask Shapes - Purse Flasks

Purse flasks are designed to fit into a ladies purse with ease. They are usually the same shape as hip flasks, but with a slightly thinner design. They usually come in small sizes such as 1oz - 3oz and many feature attractive patterns.


Special ShapesFlask Shapes - Special Shapes

We also offer some special and unusual shaped flasks such as heart shaped flasks, grip shaped flasks or themed flasks such as stirrup flasks, horseshoe flasks, fish shaped flasks and more.