What Is A Captive Top?

What Is A Captive Top?

A captive top on a hip flask is a handy feature to help stop you losing the flask top (or lid). It's a small arm attached to the flask which holds the top in place. When you unscrew the top from the flask, it remains attached to the arm so cannot be physically removed from the flask and therefore cannot be lost!

What does it look like?

They say a picture can express a thousand words! The flask on the right has a captive top, while the flask on the left does not.

Flask with and without a captive top


Can all flasks have a captive top?

Unfortunately some flasks don't have enough space to fit a captive top. The flask needs to have big 'shoulders' to fit the arm; so for example round flasks don't usually have captive tops.

Most of our pewter flasks have optional captive tops as they are all handmade in Sheffield, England. That means we can add a captive top to the flask before sending it out.

Most stainless steel flasks are made outside the UK so cannot be customised before being sent out, but the vast majority have captive tops. This includes most leather bound flasks.


Do they all look the same?

All captive tops will look slightly different depending on the type of flask and the manufacturer. The actual design of the top may change when you add a captive top. This is because the arm needs to secure the lid, so some flasks that have special shaped lids may get a standard captive top lid if you opt for a captive top.